Everything You Need to Know About Creating a Better Recycling System

Unless you have been living under a rock, you have probably heard the phrase “going green”, or perhaps you have seen news and information about sustainability, climate change, and your carbon footprint. Better Recycling SystemIn this day and age, society has placed a greater importance on treating our planet better due to years of not really paying attention to how we have been destroying our planet with wasteful practices and an increased usage of chemicals in our day to day lives. Of course, there are people who may not feel that these issues and initiatives are as important as other people may believe they are. However, if you do any reading or research about the necessity of going green and the ways in which we have already been affected by climate change, you will realize that if we do not start to take more action now, we may ruin our planet beyond habitation. There is this theory that there is a tipping point, that at some time we will have reached the point of no return, where we have done far too much damage to the planet to have any ability to reverse it. This is a very scary thought for most people, as it should be. If you are concerned about our planet and want to start taking steps to help instead of contributing to the problem, the best place to start is with recycling. Of course, there are plenty of other things that you should be paying attention to and habits you should be implementing, but creating a better recycling system in your home is a very effective, and relatively easy thing to do if you are not sure where to begin.

Learn What Can Be Recycled

The first step to starting a better recycling system in your home is to learn the rules for what can and cannot be recycled. There are more items that can be recycled than you probably imagine. We all know the basic cans and glass, but what about paper and plastic? Yes! These can all be recycled in some way or another but is important to determine which ones can be combined and which ones have to be separated out. You can go online if you are unclear about the rules, or visit your local recycling facility or town dump. There should be very clear guidelines no matter where you live.

Buy the Right Bins

When you are in the process of starting your recycling system, you want to make sure you have good sized bins or barrels for each category of recycling, as well as one for trash. It is important that you separate it all out probably, not just in the house, but in the bins that you would normally empty your trash into outside. Go to Home Depot to find the best recycling bins in any size, they tend to have good prices here and are generally good quality.

Make Sure You Label

Personally, I think it is so important to label your bins properly. This way if someone who is unfamiliar with the system comes over, they can easily be made aware of where to put their trash and recycling. It is always good to label the containers just in case anyone gets confused.